Increasingly, FESTIVALS are a feature in many teenager’s lives.

Outdoor concerts and large-scale camping events are nothing new; but they have become much more mainstream… so are more accessible to our audiences than ever.

Whether it’s a family friendly festival, or a day out in Year 10 with friends, a big weekend away to celebrate the end of GCSEs in Year 11, or a 6th form trip to an international music event… we are hearing that Festivals are a big part of being an adolescent in the UK.

As this young demographic buys more and more tickets to attend these events every year, there are important conversations to be had with schools about how to stay safe in these carnivalesque environments.

Often teachers and parents have limited knowledge of these spaces and need support preparing their young people. And many students are keen to know more about how to look after themselves and each other once they get there.

We research this area thoroughly; it is a mixture of our medical, educational and substance backgrounds.

And we work closely with event-organisers to make sure that our safeguarding and child-protection messages are in line with the events themselves.
We can give your school community a bit of insight into things like:

  • Preparing for a Festival
  • The potential risks & how to avoid them
  • Friends, feelings & choices
  • Medical tent & Welfare services
  • Harm reduction messaging around sex & substances
  • A more mature conversation about gap years, travel & uni
  • When & HOW to ask for help.

Here you will find a list of the ages and subjects and sessions we can deliver. However, it is important for you to know that we are very happy to tailor our sessions to suit you. We can address any specific issues and concerns that you may have with regards to your students. This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. We recognise that different schools have different needs and will always ask you about any current pastoral issues before working with your students.