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Teachers & pastoral teams

In an ideal world, RSE should be a ‘whole school’ approach; where we are supporting the work already happening in your schools. Therefore, it is vital that we communicate our message to staff.

We can share content covered as well as keeping everyone up to date with trends in behaviour and the questions they ask.

What we have covered

  • Current issues and concerns
  • Risk management and harm reduction
  • Confidentiality and consent
  • Safeguarding and child protection
  • The questions they ask
  • Signposting

Teaching teachers

We also offer a more formal teacher training session which tackles the new legislation and is tailored to suits the needs of your staff.  These sessions offer practical tips and strategies for delivering effective and inclusive RSE in the classroom. They are interactive workshops, an opportunity for discussion and a chance to try out different resources.

  • Recent RSE legislation
  • RSE audit and needs assessment
  • Working with parents
  • Your RSE policy
  • What compliance looks like
  • Inclusive RSE
  • Student voice
  • Case studies and distancing techniques
  • Effective resources