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What they say

We have visited over 120 different schools giving talks to many young people.

The comments below are from both teachers and students and reflect the genuine opinions of many others who have benefited greatly from both the subject matter and delivery technique Alex and Amy provide in their talks.

Streatham and Clapham High School

Alex is able to deliver the tricky topic of Sex Education to a wide and varied audience with humour and candour. We were very impressed. She honed her content and delivery so that it was not just age-appropriate, but appropriate to the specific needs of the pupils in our school. Alex also engaged parents, many of whom commented that they had much to think about. Thank you Alex, we warmly recommend you.

Mrs G. M. Cross, Deputy Head Mistress Streatham and Clapham High School

Radley College

Alexandra spoke to our Year 10 and to our Year 12. In both talks Alexandra addressed sensitive RSE issues in a thoughtful but direct manner using age-appropriate language and visual aids. I was particularly impressed by the way in which she covered ‘technical’ issues including legal and medical issues. Her expertise is invaluable and we will most definitely be asking her to extend her work with our pupils in the future.

Suzie-Louise Naylor Head of PSHE Radley College

Dulwich Prep

A massive thank you for the programme you put together for us and your amazing delivery. You knew exactly how to pitch it and what needed including…Boys have been talking amongst themselves in a really positive way, staff are still raving and the parents who have been in touch are delighted. I’m not sure I really believed the introduction of RSE could be such a success… I honestly can’t tell you how great it feels knowing that such an important, let’s be honest, life changing lesson for these boys, has been handled so brilliantly.

Sarah Brownsdon, Senior Deputy Head Pastoral, Dulwich Prep London

Kings School Worcester

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session. I felt that you built an excellent rapport with the group, in an extremely short space of time. The students were fully switched on and engaged in what you were saying, but also found the session fun as well as enlightening. I thought you covered the topics with sensitivity whilst going into real depth – not easy in a short space of time. I really liked the pragmatism of the approach and agree with your philosophy of it being best for students to be aware of the reality of risks and dangers, in order to then make more informed choices.

Josh Hand, Head of Sixth Form, Kings School Worcester

Cheltenham College

This was an excellent talk with our Year 13 students. There was immediately a relaxed and informal atmosphere and the student connected immediately with Amy. They felt at ease with her and were able to ask some demanding and sensitive questions. The topics discussed by Amy were highly pertinent to these students and they ranged from the use of drugs at university, alcohol abuse and pornography. I recommend this talk highly.

Isabella Mech, Head of Sixth Form, Cheltenham College