Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE) for schools: students, parents and teachers

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We are a team of professionals providing educational talks, workshops and training sessions for students, teachers and parents. We work with a range of ages and stages across the UK and beyond. Whether it is puberty or pornography, sexting or STIs, contraception or consent, festivals or freshers week that you are worried about, we can help your school navigate these tricky terrains.

Our sessions are straight-talking, open and honest. We take the awkwardness out of these sensitive topics so that young people really hear us and are able to ask the many questions they have – in a safe space. We work closely with your curriculum and pastoral teams to support and extend the RSHE work you are already doing.

Outside speakers play a huge role in RSHE. A different voice, delivering up-to-date and relevant information, in the right way, really can help young people make better choices and so avoid physical and emotional harm. Or at the very least, know how to recognise a problem and get out of a muddle. We don’t tell them NOT to do these things. We say ‘it happens… so let’s talk about it’.

Review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges

Never before has there been such a spotlight on Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE). In light of recent events, schools are responding in a number of different ways and there is an expectation to address these issues as a matter of priority. We are acutely aware that Oftsed and ISI are focusing on both delivery, content and safeguarding procedures around this subject.

How can we help? Whilst we don’t explicitly advertise our work as being about sexual harassment, sexual violence or child-on-child abuse (Keeping Children Safe In Education); this is at the heart of all that we do. Our spiral curriculum includes the building blocks for all students to understand the importance of respect, gender stereotypes, equality, healthy relationships, critical thinking and consent culture. This starts with our youngest students and weaves its way through all of our content, including work with teachers & parents. It is only with everyone in the school community modelling protective RSHE, that we can minimise the risk of these unacceptable behaviours becoming normalised.


Our work is inclusive. All families, all teachers and all young people must feel included in RSHE lessons, workshops and training they receive. We feel that this is essential. This is in line with the Department of Education Statutory Guidance 2019: “Schools must ensure that they comply with the relevant provisions of the Equality Act 2010, (please see The Equality Act 2010 and schools: Departmental advice), under which sexual orientation and gender reassignment are amongst the protected characteristics”.

LGBTQ+ lives and families are represented in all of our work. However, we do not offer discreet or specific talks or sessions about Sexuality or Gender Identity. If this is what you are looking for please let us know and we will be happy to suggest other providers who may be able to help.

Our philosophy is to encourage young people to:

Seek out accurate information

Make informed choices

Be critical thinkers

Question everything

Be brave

Ask for help