“Alex has been delivering presentations to Years 10 and 11 at Marlborough College for many years.

Her style is approachable, upfront, honest and compassionate – she draws a clear distinction of style and content between the two year groups without losing her essential warmth and sense of connection.

Alex strikes exactly the right balance between familiarity and expert knowledge: her background in health education, and her experience in schools and as a parent, puts her firmly “on the wavelength” on the young people she addresses. Yet she does not go for cheap points – instead she speaks with clear authority, and the warnings she offers about taking risks with sexual and emotional health are made clearly and uncompromisingly. It is very clear that she cares deeply about young people – and this conveys itself quickly to her audience. This, plus her detailed knowledge of legal and health issues, gives her presentation a credibility and impact with the young that lasts well beyond her time at the College.”

Kate Cayley – Head of Boarding