“Oakham had had a long partnership with Alex because she fits our honest, open approach to sex education. I wanted a speaker who would look at the complex emotions involved in relationships and who recognised that decisions about sex were significant milestones in a young person’s development. I wanted older students to have access to unbiased but factually accurate information on topics such as contraception that focused less on the science of how they work but the practical issues presented in a way that allows students to make up their own mind – now or in the future. Alex manages to do this and so much more.

Once described by a student as ‘being like your mum on a day she has her sensible head on’ students not only respect what she has to say but are willing to follow her lead in discussing sex and sexual health in a practical straightforward manner; no giggling; no smuttiness or innuendo. Her talks are inclusive; whether you are sexually active or not; whatever you think your sexuality may be.

Alex takes her role seriously and is always happy to discuss changes and areas we would like to emphasise so I never feel I am subjecting my students to an ‘off the shelf’ overworn talk but something that has been thought about and matched to the needs of my students.”

Viv Lamb Head of PSHE