“I just want to say again how much we enjoyed yesterday’s session, it is very difficult to speak to a big group of teachers just back off the Christmas holiday, with to-do lists off the page, but you managed it in style.

Not only was the subject matter compelling but you made something we all think we know about fresh and fun… the activities were thought-provoking and we all loved the hands-on bit, with the books and other ‘props’. What I really got out of it was the important new (but entirely logical) focus on the relationship part of RSE. I know we all felt that our minds had been opened, and, again, this is tough to do on a Study Day!

I also really appreciated the way you treated us as teaching professionals – it was lovely to be ‘taught’ in a way we recognised as active learning, rather than just being talked at as so many training providers do. Just because we are adults and teachers doesn’t mean that we can tolerate long periods of sitting and listening any more than we expect our students to!”

Jo McEvedy, English/Classics teacher, Newcastle High School