DBS Information

Usually this is our procedure and is typically done long before the booking date:

  • A school asks to see our DBS certificates and to check the update service
  • Some schools require originals and others are happy with scanned doc
  • We check with all our speakers each time that they are happy to share their data with specific organisations
  • Once the DSL (or whoever is in charge) has seen the certificates then the school needs to go online and PERFORM A STATUS CHECK
  • We hold all certificate numbers, surnames and DOBs (again – need permission from all speakers each time)
  • The school will then get a verification that ‘there is no new info’ in relation to the original certificate you viewed.

This process is only typically required if we are to be left alone with students. However, as we suggest to all the establishments that we work with, we prefer to stay with staff members at all times for your Safeguarding procedures and our own protection.