Digital Sessions

Due to COVID-19 we have adapted and responded to the needs of our schools! We have had some excellent feedback about these bespoke digital sessions.

There are options to suit all schools, but we always insist on an anonymous pre-session questionnaire (Microsoft Forms works well) to establish the specific worries and concerns of a particular group. We then create a bespoke presentation and this can be recorded with a ‘talking’ head so there is a familiar face on the screen. This file can be uploaded on a Vimeo link or transferred and you can share with your students/parents/teachers in a password protected space for a limited amount of time.

Or preferably, we can work with you via a Live lesson platform (we can set up or hop into your Google Meets or Microsoft Teams or Zoom or whatever suits you). During these live sessions we incorporate Mentimeter – this is interactive tech and allows participants to vote, poll, ask questions and contribute. This means everyone has a voice and feels included and we can really ‘read the room’.

We discuss safeguarding and child-protection with the school. Signposting and follow up with pastoral teams is discussed. Communication and learning is effective and the anonymity seems to result in participants feeling very safe, secure and able to share… The response to this tech has been overwhelmingly positive! Who knows what the future holds…

At the moment, these bespoke RSHE sessions are available for:

  • Parents of Primary and Prep Schools (but not younger students)
  • Students Yr 9-Yr 13
  • Teacher training – an RSHE update, Q&A webinar format.

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can work with your students, parents and teachers at this time.

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