Things we like

The thing about books for us is that no single one of these books is enough on its own; a selection of them is essential. Only then will you gain the most viewpoints and the best options of how to explore Relationships, Sex & Health Education in a way that is right for you. We have done our best to pull out some of our faves here and we may well have missed some. If so – please tell us! Most of these books are starting points – conversations starters – and are a great place to reflect and discuss some of these important topics. We have tried to indicate who they might be most useful for but you will need to make the right decision for you and the young people in your lives. We hope that you find them useful…

This content has been carefully chosen to support the work we do. Not all materials are suitable for all audiences. These books should really be looked at by a parent/teacher before sharing with a young person. All content must be used in a sensitive and age-appropriate way.

For our younger audiences

These books are a great support if you have curious little children in your life and you want to help them get good answers. Using elements from all of these books may help inspire conversations as you navigate this part of their early years and primary school days.

For our older audiences

These books come highly recommended by the secondary school students we work with. Most of them are honest, frank, straight-talking and no-nonsense pieces of work. We hope that parents and students will find these books modern, interesting, funny and a good way of communicating with each other about really important stuff.


This section is for everyone. Students and parents and professionals. We all need to keep a close eye on equality. These books explore things like gender, sexism, our use of language, masculinity, power and the impact all of this has on our perception of the world. The world we share with the children in our lives.

For parents

We get asked by parents all the time about books. So we have included these here. They are not just about Relationships and Sex Education but include other things like mental health, the adolescent brain, psychotherapy and parenting. You may or may not find them helpful!

For teachers & professionals

These pieces of work are much more substantial. Some are academic. They are probably most useful for teachers who want to expand their knowledge, improve their RSE delivery, understand the data and keep up to date with academic research in the field. Some students and some parents will find this category fascinating too!


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