Pre-festivals… substances & choices

This inclusive session is usually delivered to Year 9 or Year 10 and  is designed to support your PSHE education around substances. We don’t talk explicitly about classifications or the law around illegal drugs – but we explore human behaviours around substances. How we eat, how we supplement our bodies, what substances we mix, what has been through clinical trials and what hasn’t… The focus is very much on food, vitamins, medicine and the impact of these chemicals on our brain and on our feelings.

We aim to increase understanding about why humans consume substances and to untangle how much our feelings and our peers impact these choices. Why do different people behave in different ways around temptation? How can we keep ourselves and each other safer when making these choices? We will briefly touch on harm-reduction messages around alcohol and tobacco; looking at a health model more than a legal framework.

Topics include:

  • Brain chemicals & reward systems
  • What do we put into our bodies?
  • Why do we consume?
  • Temptation & Self-control
  • Friendship & feelings
  • Harm reduction
  • When & HOW to ask for help