Working with external agencies

Working with external agencies can enhance delivery of this subject. We are qualified professionals, with years of experience and safeguarding is a priority for us. It is important that we are not seen as a replacement for your RSHE delivery.

There are some clear recommendations about working with external speakers.

We feel very strongly that we are working WITH schools to deliver these sessions. We are not delivering this work INSTEAD of your lessons. Our role is to complement and support the RSHE work you and your colleagues are already doing. It is vital that our sessions are planned as part of your existing programme of study. The work we do with your students, teachers and parents will have the most impact if these sessions are joined up.

  • Teachers need to feel trained and able to tackle these subjects too.
  • Parents need to be onboard with proposed content and know what is being covered when and by whom.
  • Student sessions must be carefully planned and delivered within a scheme of work, topic or project. It is vital that we know what has already been delivered in the area and how the session is going to be followed up.

Please click here to view page 18 of the RSHE Statutory Guidance.

Before all of our sessions we ask staff about any vulnerable students or pastoral issues we need to be aware of. It is important that the emotional needs of the audience are considered. If there are young people who are sensitive or may be triggered by these topics – we trust the school will inform us and prepare the student accordingly.

We are all safeguarding trained and, should a disclosure be made, we would follow your school’s safeguarding procedure and refer this to your Designated Safeguarding Lead to be dealt with the usual way. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this in more detail.