Year 7 & 8

Based on our experience, here are a selection of the sort of topics we often discuss with this age group. However, we are keen to work with your science teachers and PSHE programme so that our sessions compliment the work you are already doing.

Growing up:

As students approach the end of prep-school we find they have so many excellent questions. Our aim in these inclusive sessions is to offer clear, consistent and kind answers. Then students can head off to their senior schools equipped with correct terminology and a thorough understanding of these vital topics. Where knowledge is power and being well-informed is essential.

  • Body image & the media
  • Revisiting puberty
  • Pleasure & masturbation
  • More consent
  • Confidentiality
  • Asking for help

Digital lives:

As the distinction between life offline and life online becomes increasingly blurred, the impact this can have on body-image, friends and relationships is huge. We talk frankly and honestly about things like porn & image sharing, but not just saying ‘NO!’. In these inclusive sessions, we untangle why these behaviours are so tempting and empower young people to understand their adolescent brains and be brave enough to ask for help.

  • Self esteem & the media
  • Pornography
  • Sexting & sharing
  • Online behaviour
  • Reputation
  • Asking for help