Your body & boundaries

We spend a lot of time working with younger students discussing consent and bodies and boundaries. But applying this is real life situations can be tricky!

When teens are in a ‘party/festival’ environment we want them to be confident and empowered to apply this knowledge and information in a way that keeps them safe. And their friends safe. And everyone around them safe.

Sometimes this is a conversation about looking after your own body. Things like:

  • Hygiene
  • Sexual health
  • Contraception.

Sometimes this is a more complex conversation about boundaries. Things like:

  • Consent & bodily autonomy
  • Unwanted/inappropriate touching
  • The importance of reporting.

And we always discuss BYSTANDER theory. And the importance of looking out for your friends – and all the other humans around you. These events rely on a strong community of people, working together to keep each other safe.

The conversation is changing. Gina Martin’s recent campaign about ‘Upskirting’ is a great example of this. Calling out inappropriate behaviours can change laws!